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I feel so truly blessed. I had been wanting to re-do our bedroom furniture, unfortunately things kept coming up that had to be dealt with. Fred delivered a bedroom set.. absolutely free.. in good condition and is just what I wanted. I'm so grateful..and look forward to donating to make it easier for this kind man to continue to pay forward the blessings.
Jennifer ~ Vallejo, California
Much thanks to Fred Alford and Second Chance for years of service to the community.  Fred has supplied clothing to us that we have , in turn, distributed to others who are in need as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada. We are extremely grateful for what he has done for us and others. Prayers for continued support for this organization.
Gale and Bob~ Vallejo, California
Thanks again for the delicious meal and clothing. I appreciate your generosity and kind heart. You're awesome! God's grace, favor and blessing.
Connie~ Vallejo, California
Mr Fred
Once again, i just want to say that i thank the lord for you again for your obedience. You don't know how grateful i am for your blessing me. To God be the glory for his goodness! Blessings to you and your family!
Vallejo, California
Thanks for the items that you donated to my family we greatly appreciate it.
Angeleka~ Vallejo, California
I  needed a wheel chair because I have bad knees and I had
just recently broken my toe. I spoke to Fred at  the " Second Chance Outlet". He was kind as  to give me wheel chair at a
such a  very inexpensive price, I could  not believe it. Fred is
a person who really cares, I wish there were
more people out there that cared like Fred does. I am a
senior on a very low income, and I really so much appreciate
this affordably  priced wheel chair. Fred  has a wonderful
purpose in life with his "Second Chance Outlet", so lets all give  him our best wishes.
God  Bless,........Maria Martinez, California
I have met Fred Alford owner/operator, in addition to donating items that could possibly help someone in need and starting over. Thanks to the recommendation of my friend Lindy, I too highly recommend Second Chance Outlet.
-Ms. E. Narro- Benicia, California~

Dear Mr. Alford, on Thursday, I bought two tires from you. You quoted me $25, and was kind enough to sell them to me for $10. You gave me your card, and when I got home, I looked at your wonderful web site. So impressed with the much needed work that you do. I am sending this "extra" $15 plus. Hope it helps.
~Futie Sebastopol, California~
Good Afternoon Mr. Fred: It's Maria & Berry. Please add this to your testimonials page on your website. 
 Mr. Fred at SECOND CHANCE OUTLET is one of those who reached out and gave us a helping hand up. He had an add on craigslist for a free corner desk. When I called him about it, someone had taken all the hardware off of it; but in talking to him, he said come on by, he had other things he could offer us, all for FREE! OMG, He blessed us with a queen mattress & sheets, comforter & pillows, dresser, a rolling stand perfect for my birdcage:), dishes-glasses-silverware, bath towels, a corner knick-knack shelf, an end table that holds magazines, and some clothes & shoes. God always provides all that we need and Mr. Fred was right there to help us out, help us up! If anyone ever has furniture and other items that would like to donate - contact Mr Fred at Second Chance Outlet: he freely gives back to the community and donates to people in need. Scripture says that the more you give, the more you receive; and that when you give, do so as if giving unto the Lord! THANK YOU Mr. Fred. God will surely bless you abundantly.
I just seen your website, and what you are doing not just for your community outside as well. I just want to say God Bless you and your staff and I will be visiting your establishment real soon and will be spreading the word. God is good all the tme:-)
~Rimah Suisun City, California~
Wow! Ran across your ad on craigslist. What a great store, a great mission & a great website w/ great music!! Thank you for what you do sir!!
~Blog Comment From: Isabel James~
Dear Fred, We wanted to thank you very much for helping my husband find clothing to fit him. What you do for the community is amazing and very much appriciated!
~Elizabeth~ Richmond, California
Shawn on 3/24/2011 6:08 AM
I bought a frigerator from this place it is still working it's been a year and he gave me a great price on it i was pleased thank you .
Hey, you used to have piano concerto #21 play on your Events Page, until about a week ago. I loved listening to it through the night, as it played continually and softly. Is it possible to replace it? Thanks. (unknown contact form submission)
Hey Fred,
Thank you for your partnership!!Together, We Can help everyone in need!!
~Maria Guevara~ Vallejo Together                                                                                                                                                                               
10/25/2010 8:36 PM
People like you fred is what keeps our community strong & blessed.HELPING OTHERS IS THE KEY! Thank you Fred!
~johnny truemain~                                                                                                                                                                         
October 20, 2010
 I am very thankful: Thanks to you, I got the hospital bed (FREE). It was just what I was looking for for my 91 year old mom..
San Francisco, Ca.
August 30, 2010
Hey Fred. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I did get your phone message. It has been a whirlwind trying to wrap up all of the loose ends, but I couldn't imagine how tough the move would have been had I not found you and your organization. I know you wouldn't ask, but it would not have been a problem for me to cover help for you. Your help was worth much more than what that would have cost me. Thank you again for your help and thanks for the well wishes.
As I sit here on my floor hoping my luggage doesn't exceed weight limits, I wish i'd given more!
Take care and thanks again!
San Francisco, California
June 21, 2010
Dear Fred,
Thank you for the kindness that you''ve shown my husband, and myself. The clothing we received will be a huge help.
You are a true God send. May God bless you, and your family.
~George, and Hazel~
Concord, California
March 29, 2010
Second Chance Outlet is awesome. I will always treasure the little zebra bookend I found in your store. I believe it is African. And another time you gave me a leather wallet for my son, which he still has. You are a blessing to the community. Thank you.
~Janna Besh ~
Founder: Solana Green Alliance                                                                                                                                                                        
Nov. 9, 2009
just bought a toddler bed and a book, I will be back to check out the store on a regular basis. Hope to be able to volunteer some time when I get my grandson in daycare. I will be happy to direct my donations to you.
~Diane Probasco~
Vallejo, Ca.